Shit Hot SoundSystem – Heaven

Oooohhhh! Stumbled across this tune in one of my many soundcloud mining expeditions – I looked over to my canary (He’s called Cedric, as are all of them before we dig too deep and they inevitably snuff it) and sure enough he was nodding his little head, so I knew it was gold.

Upon checking out his other tracks and mixes, it became apparent that Shit Hot Soundsystem was a pretty accurate name- personal fave of mine is his edit of ‘Mama Used to Say’, one that’s been on my ‘to edit’ list for quite a while. Not sure I’m going to try to top it now, to be honest… BANGER!

Anyways, this one is quite unique as far as edits go – usually people go for the more obscure, some might say more credible end of the disco/boogie spectrum, but here we find a relatively commercial tune from way back when being given a nice little fiddling, and ending up with something that is both instantly recognisable but also reeeeaaaally good. If any tune illustrated our much touted venn diagram with the chin stroker’s circle on the left, and the girls in pink cowboy hats on a hen night on the right, this is it.

No download for you, but for less than the price of a third of a pint, you can have it and feel smug that you’ve rightfully rewarded someone that’s put in some work to supply you with a gem:

Seriously, this guy shits gold,  so go check out his other tunes on soundcloud here:

(loads of free tunes to be had here.. Seriously, go look !)

And also check his blog for a stream of treats for you ears here:

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